Artists tell a million stories of the city.

Everywhere you turn there is Art: from public sculptures in surprising places to murals in underground stations, from the smallest artist-led show in someone’s garage to the grand heights of the contemporary art museum. Art offers us the opportunity to rest our minds: to delight our eyes, to engage our sense of touch, to discover something new. The fabric of the city embraces it all, but how often do we truly immerse ourselves in what surrounds us every day?

In curating UNFOLD, we have selected artists who inspire us, who we believe tell the stories that will inspire others too. Who will encourage you to immerse yourself in the art that is all around you. 


Aigli Andritsopoulou (b. 1989, Athens)

Aigli Andritsopoulou’s artistic practice centres around photography series that explore the notion of unity in experience. She creates an “Other Topos”, a space of on- going process, where fragments of the past encounter elements of the present to create a unifying force, the vivid promise of the future. This “Other Topos” encompasses her study of origins, primeval mysticism, western philosophical tradition and an analysis of the contemporary transformation of the global socio-political context. 

Chloe Early (b. 1980, London)

Chloe Early paints post-apocalyptic prospects laden with themes of redemption and hope: starved landscapes ourishing under owers, dark urban ruins teeming with light. She works in oils on aluminium panels, with her colour-saturated mini-narratives combining the splendour of Renaissance and Romantic painting with the rawness of contemporary life; examining the sensitive and personal aspects of con ict, ambition and entropy in an opulent, cinematic style. 



Alexandra Lethbridge (b. 1987, Hong Kong)

Alexandra Lethbridge is a photographer who uses found photographs, archival imagery and constructed images of her own making as the basis of her research-based practice. Drawing upon a range of references and source material, she combines scientific theories with fictional constructed images, bringing them together as a form of storytelling. Approaching image making in a playful and experimental way, her practice deliberately mixes fact and fiction to create expanded views of the subject matter she explores. 

Jasmine Pradissitto (b. 1966, Somerset)

Jasmine Pradissitto’s Quantum Sculptures in light embrace the dual world of the physicist and artist. Described as ‘holograms you can touch’, she uses everyday, throw-away transparent plastics inspired by geometry and natural forms, which she melts and draws out into new shapes before then lighting them. Her artistic process is based on speci c scienti c and engineering processes. Through re ection and refraction, colour takes on a material, physical form that changes as you move around it. 


david-aiu-servan- unfold.jpg

David aiu Servan-Schreiber (b. 1989, Neuilly)

David aiu Servan-Schreiber traces his journey to faith through his observation of the planets.Symbols of Christian Orthodox iconology, astrolatry and alchemy combine in his art to express and give meaning to that which even contemporary science cannot justify or explain. Presenting a variety of anonymous planets against coloured backgrounds, the London- based French artist pays a tribute to the celestial elements which ignited faith in him as an adolescent and continue to guide his re ections as a painter today. 

Will Thomson (b. 1992, London)

Will Thomson’s work reproduces the ‘magic’ of the reveal of a photographic print in developing uid. His practice is a reaction to how we look at, see and remember things. Will has always been fascinated by the immediacy of the photographic process. The concept of the photographic reveal, classically associated with the dark room, lm and photography, is transferred to other mediums through his practice. Focusing on notions of emergence and re ection, Will gives the power of nality to his viewer. It is in the very action of viewing that the audience renders the work complete.l 



Matthieu Venot (b. 1979, Brest)

Matthieu Venot is a rising star in the French photographic world. His career subverts the traditional trajectory because he initially found fame on Instagram (@legrandbazar) with his playful and stylish images of his hometown of Brest. Since then, his work has matured as an artist, he has been featured in several exhibitions, and he has left Instagram far behind. Although he is an architectural photographer, his aim is not to create large oppressive images but instead to give the day-to-day urban fabric that surrounds him a freshness and unexpected quality. 

Robi Walters (b. 1973, London)

Robi Walters’s exuberant collages and paintings are lled with vibrant bursts of colour. To create his mixed-media pieces, he uses unusual materials, such as discarded paper, card and packaging from household items. He arranges these fragments into lotus-like forms that relate to his interest in meditation, an act he practices every morning as a way of constantly striving to generate a positive force for change. 



Xiaowen Zhu (b. 1986, Shanghai)

Xiaowen Zhu is an artist, filmmaker and writer. Described as a visual poet, social critic, and aesthetic researcher, she uses lm, photography, performance, installation and mixed media as platforms to communicate the complex experience of being a diasporic person and to wrestle with the notion of a disembodied identity.