Church Street in Central London will be transformed into an immersive experience celebrating emerging artists. We'll take you behind the scenes and introduce you to artists, curators and some exciting thinkers and disrupters. Join us on this journey through a working artist's studio and two innovative exhibition spaces with talks and workshops. 


Aigli Andritsopoulou

Aigli Andritsopoulou creates photography series that explore the notion of unity in experience. Her work encompasses the space of on-going process, where fragments of the past encounter elements of the present to create a unifying force, the vivid promise of the future. 


Lawrence Calver

Lawrence Calver’s practice involves the use of textiles to explore themes related to contemporary fine art, without the restraints of traditional materials and processes.




As a form of expression within a political world, Lakwena explores how the use of adornment in worship and myth-making translates into contemporary popular culture. With an aesthetic that draws upon her formative years in Addis Ababa, Nairobi and her native London, Lakwena has created epic outdoor murals: bold messages of hope in urban landscapes. 


Jasmine Pradissitto

Jasmine Pradissitto’s Quantum Sculptures in light embrace the dual world of the Physicist and Artist. Described as ‘holograms you can touch’, forms inspired by nature, the human condition and scientific breakthrough are melted and reshaped from plastics into sculptures. They present a commentary on an Anthropocene world.

Adelaide Damoah Unfold.jpg

Adelaide Damoah

Adelaide Damoah is a British artist of Ghanaian descent whose earlier work combined African and Western influences while highlighting social issues.  "To express myself using my body as a printing tool. To leave my physical mark, while simultaneously using automatic writing through and around the impressions left by my self.”

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Alexandra Lethbridge

Found photographs, archival imagery and constructed images of her own making form the basis of Alexandra Lethbridge’s research-based practice. Drawing upon a range of references and source material, she combines scientific theories with fictional constructed images, bringing them together as a form of storytelling.


Yuki Shima

The movement and flow in Yuki Shima's work comes from a rejection of the still images he learnt to create as a student in Japan. Now living in London, and inspired by the drama of filmmaking, he mixes several contemporary art forms such as graffiti, photography, and performance art to create his work.


Will Thomson

Will Thomson attempts to reproduce the ‘magic’ of the reveal of a photographic print in developing fluid. His practice is a reaction to how we look at, see and remember things. Whether it be through a camera, a camera phone, a window, or attacking the more intricate elements of sight science and neuroscience, the aim is to assess the tools we use to capture a moment.


Robi Walters.jpg

Robi Walters

Over the past decade, Robi Walters' oeuvre has encapsulated the spirit of transformation. Of materials - taking discarded objects and translating them into something beautiful. And of personal journey - identifying and unifying microcosm/macrocosm and always consciously striving to generate a positive force for change.